The Ultimate Tips to Find Your First Job in Canada

As the number of individuals looking to immigrate to Canada annually increases, one big question comes up, “What jobs are available, and how can I land my first job in my new country?”

So let's break that question down in today's article, starting from which jobs are currently in-demand, followed up by where you can find job listings, show you some best practices for resume building & landing your dream job, and finish off by discussing some potential red flags that can come with applying for work as a new immigrant to Canada.

Current In-demand jobs in Canada

  1. Web Developer (Average Salary: $69,305)

  2. Human Resources (Average Salary: $89,003)

  3. Electrical Engineer (Average Salary: $91,832)

  4. Veterinarians (Average Salary: $95,804)

  5. Recruitment Officer (Average Salary: $65,292)

  6. Financial Advisor (Average Salary: $62,971)

  7. Pharmacist (Average Salary: $89,314)

  8. Driver (Average Salary: $44, 836)

  9. Registered Nurse (Average Salary: $77, 603)

  10. Sales Associate (Average Salary: $52,277)

Where to find more job listings?

As of June 2021, the Canadian economy was able to jump-start the economy and add over 1million new jobs as businesses slowly began to open up.

This means there is actually a labour shortage happening, and businesses are desperate for new hires!

Here are some great resources to check out when searching for your next job:

  • Job Bank Canada
    A government website that is designed to help you quickly and effectively search for jobs across Canada, filtered by your preference of industry and more. You can also check out this Government of Canada Jobs website as well.

  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn offers an insane amount of job search criteria parameters that will allow you to really hone on what sort of job you’re looking for, which industry and even the location. Find the best job that suits your needs all in one place.
    Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to network with local business owners too!

  • Indeed
    Another classic website to check out when looking for jobs. Plenty of job opportunities are posted there daily, and we are sure there is something out there for you to find!

  • Student Employment
    Don’t have enough experience? Don’t worry! Canada’s student employment program is rich with opportunity — check it out.

Tips to nail your first job in Canada

These tips have been compiled for you based on our experience and lots of feedback from our loyal contributors. Please read them, understand them, and apply them, so you can plan for success and get a job in Canada.


The Ultimate Tips to Find Your First Job in Canada