Your Journey From International Student To Work Permit Holder in Canada

Thinking about your immigration to Canada?

Worried that you might have trouble getting work with your study visa?

Have various study permit concerns?

The good news is that studying in Canada, while also seeking work and worrying about getting a job, might have been scary thoughts in the past, but in today’s Canada, being an international student and finding work has become a streamlined process.

Immigrating to Canada should no longer be a scary thought!

International students now have the opportunity to apply for an open work permit offered by the Government of Canada. This Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) comes with many advantages and has specific appearance requirements; this and more we outline below. 

Understanding The Post Graduation Work Permit

To become eligible for the PGWP, you must have continuously studied in a full-time program within Canada and must have completed the program within the last 8 months. 

Further qualifications are the following:

  • The graduation from a Canadian designated learning institution (DLI) within 180 days; with written confirmation such as a transcript or an official letter).
    NOTE: not all DLIs are made equal; check the PGWP for which institutions are approved. 

  • It would be best if you held a valid student permit.

Besides the above mentioned, you will be deemed ineligible for the permit if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Have previously received a PGWP.

  2. Have participated in certain scholarship programs.

  3. Have completed most of your learning online or completed study from a non-Canadian institution.

  4. Have taken English as a second language (ESL) or French as a second language course, private career college programs, or self-improvement classes/general interest. 

Institutions that help you qualify for a PGWP

To apply, you must first prove that you studied in a program at one of the following eligible DLIs mentioned above.

Here is the list:

  • A public post-secondary institution, such as a college, a trade or technical school, a university or a CEGEP (in Quebec)

  • A private post-secondary institution that operates under the same rules and regulations as public institutions in Quebec

  • A private secondary or post-secondary institution in Quebec offering qualifying programs of 900 hours or longer leading to a diploma of vocational studies (DVS) or an attestation of vocational specialization (AVS)

  • A Canadian, private institution authorized by provincial statute to confer degrees, such as an associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree, but only if the student is enrolled in a program of study leading to a degree, as authorized by the province, which may not include all programs of study offered by the private institution.

NOTE: Graduates from Quebec vocational institutions with a DVS or AVS must fulfill additional eligibility criteria.

About working until you wait for a decision on your PGWP

International students do not have to wait for a decision before seeking out employment. In fact, working full-time is allowed while waiting for your decision, but you must meet the approved requirements mentioned above. 

NOTE: Here is the complete list of requirements for working off-campus.

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Your Journey From International Student To Work Permit Holder in Canada