Most In-Demand Jobs In Canada: 2022


At this point in the COVID-19 battle, it's safe to say that we have all experienced the effects of this pandemic in one way or another. The economic effects and the COVID-19 impacts on the job market are no secret. However, amid the economic devastation, there are some positive effects.

As the world is drastically changing, new and pre-existing jobs are growing in demand. If you are a new immigrant to Canada, this may be your opportunity to get started in the Canadian job market! Here's the good news, jobs are being demanded in a variety of industries. Whatever skills you possess, there is a job out there waiting for you!

Top-10 jobs demanded in Canada in 2021 and 2022

Customer Service

With the sudden shift from in-person to online shopping, banking, and servicing, workers in customer service are needed now more than ever. Between calls, refund requests, and COVID protocol inquiries, support lines are overwhelmed.

Storefronts have significantly reduced as a result of stay-at-home orders, and many businesses are looking to permanently switch to online sales and servicing. Representative availability is limited yet highly requested. Whether an immigrant to Canada or a Canadian citizen, if you possess the skills to represent a business or brand, this may be a good fit for you. From Canada's west coast to the east coast, customer service is looking for your skills!

Commercial & Delivery Driver

The shift to online servicing has not only induced demand for customer service representatives but has also increased demand for commercial and delivery drivers. The appetite for ordering delivery food has increased and retail stores and restaurants are slowly but surely adapting to online sales platforms. People are becoming more and more comfortable with performing online transactions and it seems as though this is the future of sales.

Commercial and delivery drives are essential jobs in Canada. Maybe you have just completed the final steps of your Canadian immigration and are looking to get started in the job force? This may be the right start for you. Provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia are looking for immigrants and workers to fulfil this responsibility.

Warehouse Workers

With retail adapting to online platforms, who will ensure that ordered products are packaged, and distributed properly? Demand for warehouse workers is high! Between picking up orders, operating a forklift, packaging, and shipping, there are tons of opportunities here! From the east coast to the west coast of Canada, warehouse workers are wanted. Canadian citizen or immigrant, this is a great experience to start building your resume off.

Security Analysts

At this point, it is safe to say that the shift to online marketplaces is the driving force of new job opportunities. But with so much reliance on the web for social media, communications, sales, or banking, there can be greater possibilities for danger. Security analysts are in desperate need to ensure that online actions are encrypted for the safety of the user and the business behind the action. Interestingly, the need for security analysts in Canada is growing by about 7% per year, with a forecasted increase in demand as the world continues to adopt online operating systems. Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, and Newfoundland, and Labrador are in most need of security analysts in 2021/2022

Administrative Assistants

Transitions from in-person to remote operations could not be possible without the administrative backend that will sort out all the logistics. Organization and structure are important here as demand for online operations is growing like never before. Whether in the legal, health, marketing, customer service, or HR, administrative assistants are needed! And the best part is, if you're a new immigrant to Canada and don't have much experience in the Canadian job market, this is a great place to apply your skills and build your resume. Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia are some of the areas where you may find the most opportunity for this role.

Procurement & Supply Chain Specialists

Keeping shelves stocked is always an important role in retail. Without product replenishment, sales can't run smoothly. Procurement and supply chain specialists are the roles that Canada needs to keep the market flowing seamlessly. Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and British Columbia offer the widest range of opportunities for these professionals in Canada, especially for immigrants.

IT Support

Hardware, VPNs, home networks, video conferencing, how could it all be possible without our IT Support professionals? With corporations adopting work-from-home operation systems, remote learning, and distanced meetings, there is a lot of room for innovation and support in the technical aspects. From Ontario to Quebec to the east and west coasts, IT support is needed and highly demanded!

Cleaners & Maintenance Workers

COVID-19 regulations have induced a whole new set of procedures and guidelines when it comes to the sanitization of physical spaces and public areas. Health and safety guidelines are stricter than ever and will continue to be this way following the COVID shock. Because of this, the need for maintenance staff has grown and continues to grow into 2022.

Registered Nurses

It comes as no surprise that the demand for nurses has grown following the strike of the COVID-19 pandemic. Canadian hospitals have been under immense stress, and with an ageing population, more and more nurses are being demanded. Canada needs immigration for the growth of our society as well as the fulfilment of essential roles. Whether a Canadian citizen or immigrant to Canada, healthcare needs you and is ready to offer you a position to make a change in the COVID-19 age.

Early Education Workers

Social inequities are a big and important topic. Parents and mothers especially have been leaving the workforce to care for their children who are engaging in remote learning. In other cases, parents distance from their jobs since they cannot afford/access child care throughout the pandemic. The Canadian government is implementing a $30 billion investment into the early education sector for parents to access daycare for their children and return to the workforce.

COVID-19 has induced immense effects on all individuals of the Canadian population. It comes as no surprise that the workforce is adapting to the new business operating systems and that demand for new jobs comes as a subsequent result.

Whether you are an immigrant to Canada or a Canadian Citizen, your skills are needed to keep the workforce flowing smoothly, and this new demand in jobs may be your opportunity to step into the playing field. At Migration to Canada, our professionals are here to support you through your immigration and integration journey into Canadian life.

Contact us today to speak to an immigration agent and find what high-in-demand job you can get integrated into following your immigration to Canada!

Most In-Demand Jobs In Canada: 2022